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  • Choose a blog template
  • Monitor my blog post
  • Manage Imgages
  • Create Surveys
  • Have others easily join your blog list
  • Custom Google Hangouts

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  • View emails separated by campaign
  • Manage email campaigns
  • Edit auto responders
  • Send and receive emails

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  • Don't know how to make a landing page? We made one for you!

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  • Choose from a wide variety of stunning templates
  • Let Facebook build your list by inserting squeeze pages directly into facebook
  • Different In-Content Options on different post/pages
  • Monetize exit traffic

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  • We made videos for you to send your leads to

My Campaign Stats Icon

  • Bar graph of visits to each of your landing page campaigns and the opt-in rates

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  • Campaign Manager
  • E-mail Reports track how many emails were opened
  • Data Manager shows which products you sold, how many leads, and how many buyers
  • Monthly Stats track all emails opened for the month, all leads and all buyers
  • Event Calendar
  • Downline tracks paid sales, paid commissions, unpaid sales, unpaid commissions, total sales, total commissions in order from most productive
  • Categories show the different product options and total sales of each

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  • View All shows categories of buyers, leads or affiliates
  • Affiliates shows the downline

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  • Uplines Blog
  • Uplines Affiliations
  • Uplines Youtube

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  • MKN Blog
  • MKN Recomended Affiliations
  • MKN Youtube

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  • Module One- Mindset Training in Business
  • Module Two- Essential Business Lessons
  • Module Three- Creating Traffic and Learning the Funnel
  • Module Four- Overcoming Objections to Your Product or Service

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  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Banner Ad

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  • Learn From Experts
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