How to Blog your way to Success

Blogs act as voices of brands and people. It’s your corner in a virtual universe where you can express your heart’s desires. For entrepreneurs blogs become a very useful resource that if managed correctly, can bring in a lot of prospects with minimal effort. Below we’ll dive into more information about how you can achieve this.
First Step of Blogging
You need to have something to say. Pick a general theme and then start creating content surrounding that theme. For instance, if you are a leadership blog you’ll be talking about different types of leadership, techniques, characteristics and so forth. If you create content that is packed with value people will begin to recognize your ‘authority’ and soon enough you’ll have a following. But before you can achieve this, you must pick your topic or theme. In most cases, this isn’t too difficult. The trick is to choose topics you are familiar with, things that come naturally to you, things that other people will want to learn.
Keywords are Important
Once you have selected your topic, you need to generate keywords. A key word is a word or phrase commonly used to search for information. For instance, in the leadership example, the keywords would be leadership. Within the content, you’d like to use the word to help rank in search engines. Although you can’t just rely on that one Keyword, you can also create Keyword Phrases and related keywords. For instance; Leadership Styles, Business Leadership, Leader, etc.
You need to think about your target demographic and think what type of phrases they would use to search for your content. Don’t try to stuff the keywords in there, use them organically because search engines dislike spam and black hat SEO tactics.
Finally, you’ll want to be consistent. You should be posting at least twice a week but if you can create a daily post better. Simply provide a natural rhythm and be sure to be consistent in posting. Not only does this reinforce your keywords on search engines, but it also provides a constant flow of fresh content for your followers.
If someone is searching for ‘New business opportunities’ and you wrote a blog on “How to Spot Killer Business Opportunities”, the odds are that if the reader sees your title, he’ll click on it. Within the post, you can place calls to actions to help motivate them to purchase your product or idea. However always try to add value to the reader above pushing sales because maybe the reader won’t commit to your product or business, but the information might be good enough to constitute a ‘share’ opening up your opportunities to new prospects.
Bottom Line
A Blog used correctly can rank for important key words. Being ranked #1 on Google for a popular search term is worth a lot of money. You could be having millions of people visiting your site merely because of your blogs. If you implement proper calls to actions and convert at least 10% of them, we’re still talking about hundreds of thousands of potential prospects.
This won’t happen overnight but if you blog consistently for the next eight to nine months, share it on social media and so on, you will begin to rank organically and in turn, you will begin to open the floodgates to plentiful new prospects.