How to start your own email list that converts!

An email list can be a powerful tool in the hands of an entrepreneur. Sadly, most people are ignorant about the “ins and outs” of email marketing to create revenue. You can find a wealth of information online and even after you dedicate hours upon hours of research you might still be in the dark when it comes to building high converting lists.
In order to simplify the concept of email marketing and building a high converting list, I have drawn up the fundamentals of email marketing.

How to Build a High Converting Email List?
There are many ways you can approach building a list but I will talk about the most used techniques to date. Always remember that it is more important to build a quality list over a list of high volume. One hundred thousand contacts mean nothing if none of them wants to buy.
So first thing is first, let’s get some people. To get people, you need to make some noise:

1. Contest Funnel – One way to approach lead generation is through contests. While this might not always bring high converting leads, it does bring you volume. The trick for tweaking the quality of leads comes through the prize. If you give out a free iPad, you will surely attract many people because who doesn’t want a free iPad? That is why giving away an iPad works in volume but not in quality. However, let’s say you have your own network marketing business. You could create a prize that provides value to other network marketers. It could be something as easy as making videos for them, sending them leads, creating a website for them, blogs you name it. The point is that you want to create value to relative leads, not just masses. In the contest funnel, one of the requirements will be “sign up to the newsletter” and while you are at it, let them like your Facebook pages, follow you on Twitter and so forth.
2. Blogging – Another way to build a list is through blogging. By creating valuable shareable content within your niche, you become an “authority”. People will begin to use your content as resources, share it with their social circles and so forth. Always be sure to include a call to action to sign up to your email. It can be as simple as saying: “Be sure to sign up to my bi-monthly newsletter for more great info and insider tips.”
3. Paid Advertisement – While a bit more expensive this method will provide you with highly relative leads. If you have a good content strategy in place you would only need to spend on the initial traffic push since those who will click on your ads will be specifically looking for what you have to offer. This means that these people tend to share your info and would be more likely to purchase what you are selling. Obviously, this should only be implemented after you have established a solid content strategy and sales process.
Remember not to spam, and continue to study up on what to write in your newsletter. Once you have the leads, it is up to you to implement your sales strategies. Be sure to test your emails, titles, stats, analytics and more. MKN Pro Auto Response is a great tool to help you with your emails.