How to use Affirmations to Increase Sales

Most people underestimate the power of their own words. Your words have the power to create realities and subconsciously we are creating our current reality and sustaining it with our own paradigms. Throughout this article, I will talk about how you can use affirmations to increase sales as well as point out how you are currently self-sabotaging your own success through the words you use.
How your Subconscious works
There is a myth that states people only use roughly 10% of their brain’s capacity, which isn’t true. You use 100% of your brain, as any MRI Scan will show. However, what this refers to is that we are only consciously using 10% of our brain’s capacity. The other 90% is all subconscious activity.
Your subconscious on the other hand is where your core beliefs lay, your governing paradigms and your perception of yourself and the world that you live in.
You might be consciously working towards success, while at the same time subconsciously sustaining failure.
How do you train the subconscious?
Consciously if you want to make a decision, you simply make one and follow through. “I want to eat this”, you find a way to achieve it and complete the task. Your subconscious has no “thought process” and does not understand fact or fiction. It sees it all the same.
To your subconscious mind, everything is literal. If you say “I’m so stupid” then your subconscious mind will respond, “Your wish is my command” and work on justifying your statement. There is no deliberation of fact or fiction; it simply takes it as an “instruction” and not a thought. This is why your own words are so important.
Refining your “Verbal Package”
What you say has a direct influence in what you believe. If you think you are unworthy of riches, your subconscious mind will find ways to make it so. Every time you are on the verge of making money, you will subconsciously sabotage your riches to justify your paradigm.
In order to change this you must re-define the information (instruction) you are sending your subconscious.
This means you should always speak in the positive and in the present.
Your subconscious mind has no concept of time and thus you speak in the now and only in the positive
Let me show you an example of a good and bad affirmation and how your subconscious reads it.
Example 1:
Bad: I will make a lot of money and stop being lazy over my personal projects
How your Subconscious sees it: I will (Always in the future, never now) make a lot of money (an intangible/undefined object) and stop being (subconscious does not understand negatives) lazy over my personal projects (to your subconscious it would say: “Being lazy to my personal projects – not”)
Good Affirmation: I create wealth in everything I do and dedicate quality time to my personal projects
As you can see in the “Good example”, we remain in the present and focus on the positive. Since it is impossible to think about something that doesn’t exist, your brain first needs to establish “the negative” before it can be negated. That is why you want to keep it in the positive and in the present so your mind can work on finding the solutions NOW and not TOMORROW.