How to use Social Media to Grow your Income

By now almost everybody is connected in some way or another. Whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and the army of other social media platforms, you are “connected”. Mobile phones made it possible for you to take social media with you wherever you go. While most use these platforms for merely being connected, some have found the way to make it profitable. Today I’d like to discuss a few ideas on how you can use Social Media to Grow your Income.
Social Media for Business Owners
Business owners who have physical establishments SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY have a social media account. Not only does this establish better communication with your clients, it helps put you on the map in terms of Geographical Internet Searches.
What this means is that your Café suddenly appears in the search results of someone looking to buy coffee in your area. More importantly, a well-managed social media campaign can attract clients that aren’t from your immediate area as well since people share posts and promotions of brands they like.
Social Media for Network Marketing
The average Facebook user is connected to more or less 300 people and is following roughly 130 brands. What this means for network marketers is that you now have a powerful tool at your disposal.
The problem you face is creating content that is both engaging and that converts. Since people are constantly bombarded with advertisement, they tend to steer clear of obvious sales pitches. Rather, by creating a post that has value to the reader and a soft sell at the end, you create an environment where people don’t feel forced to buy.
What do you need to look for when creating posts for Network Marketing:
✓ Create Value to the reader – Don’t just say ‘Buy this product for better health’, show them through diagrams, videos, testimonies etc. Sell the value of health and not the product itself. People will want to rather purchase something they feel they’ve discovered.
✓ Make it Personal – If you are meeting people, get them involved. You can make a public page on Facebook and communicate with people from all over. This way the people in your network can see how you progress as well.
✓ Make it Interactive – Social Media is meant to move information. Make a blog and share your posts on your social media accounts. Make videos and have people comment on it in real time. Ask them questions. Share great quotes. The more people feel they ‘know’ you online, they will trust your judgment and your sales/signups will increase organically.
The Bottom Line
Social Media is a powerful tool in the hands of those who know what they are doing. People who see the business value in it train themselves to spot good content, to know when to share. They learn to read the analytics; they brave new techniques and approaches.
Use Social Media to spread your influence into new social circles. But remember, social media needs to be an extension of a real brand or person. Don’t just post fluff, make it come alive and you’ll see prospects line up to meet you.