The Basics of a Good Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing is an incredibly powerful tool in the toolbox of any marketer/ entrepreneur. The problem however is that most people are absolutely ignorant on how to run an effective social media strategy that actually benefits your business.  In order to shed some light on the best social media practices we have constructed this general roadmap for you to follow.

The Origins of Content

Many people make a social media account and spend a lot of time marketing, collecting new leads and so on. They generate content solely for the social media account and the “followers” within that account. This…is a bad strategy!

Your social media portals should be “extensions” of your source material. It should be the platform where you ‘share’ your information, not where you create your information.

Your content should originate on your blog/website and then relayed to your social media accounts. This helps at being “original” which adds value to your social media accounts and in turn makes people likelier to follow you on the social media portals.

Secondly, it points the people back to your website where you can collect their emails for further developing your customer base into highly converting clients.

The Frequency of Content

Do we post once a day? Six times a day? Is there a Golden Rule of Social Media? The short answer is “No!”

Some people think that by posting a lot of content, you’ll increase social media engagement however this isn’t true. The value of your content weighs in a lot more than simply the frequency of content. In fact, low value-high frequency content is better known as “spam”.

Once you are labeled as a spammer, your online business life will become infinitely less appealing. People do not tolerate poor content and even less so content that is constantly being pushed in their faces.

Rather, by creating content that people actually would want to “share” is what you want to be aiming for.

Organic Marketing Explained

Instead of thinking about ‘how many posts’ I should make per day, rather think on ‘what is the value of each post I’m making’? The reason you want to think rather on value is because people like to ‘share’ good content. It acts as a badge on their personality, they ‘know’ something their friends don’t and thus by sharing the content they show their own ‘value’ to their social circles.

Sharing is where it’s at! The amount of likes are not as important as the amount of ‘retweets and shares’ of the posts you do. Every share acts as a ‘new marketing platform’ where the entire ‘following’ of your ‘fan’ is exposed to the content. It’s word of mouth in the digital form: “Sharing!”


There are plenty of aspects of social media, but this basic strategy holds true through them all. The quality of your content and the origin of your content is the most important aspects of social media. Your Facebook, Twitter and G+ are all merely your “public platforms” that are supposed to be utilized to share your “original content”.

Focus on creating the best possible content for your demographics and start sharing it online, eventually more “like-minded” people will begin to follow you and promote your work on your behalf!