Videos, do we really need them?

Video Marketing, is it really that important? Well, if you consider the fact that is the second largest search engine only trailing Google, then YES! Video Marketing is relatively new due to the fact that technology made video marketing highly accessible to brands of all sizes. Even on a shoe string budget you can create dynamic videos that can increase sales significantly.

How to use Videos to your Advantage
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions! Whether you need to introduce a new product, explain a brand or even make a commercial, a video can elegantly say it perfectly time and time again. It’s a once time investment that will continue to add value to your brand over time.
Here’s a few examples of how to use videos to your advantage:
✓ Explainer Videos – These videos are essentially used to explain a concept or a product. Some people like to use ‘White Board’ Animation which are those videos that seem like they are being drawn instantly. You could also implement motion graphics which is a very popular option yet costs a bit more than white board animation.
✓ Sales Videos – A Sales Video does exactly what the name suggests. This is a video that can be placed on a product page. A sales video ‘solves a specific problem’ of the viewer which urges the viewer to purchase the solution. Your job is to make your product the solution to their problem.
✓ Training Video – This is exceptionally great for network marketers. Instead of having to spend too much time on training your new prospects, you can now create a series of videos to help your prospects through the learning curve. This will free up your time and allow you to train more people at once. In addition this will help your prospects in training their leads.

What is a ‘vLog’?
A vlog is essentially a blog but done on video. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of people on Youtube talk to the world. That is a vlog. The benefit of vlogging is that you not only add more weight to your website where you embed the videos, but you also establish that you aren’t just a faceless brand but actually someone real that they can approach. You can talk about success, fitness, health or whatever you want to as long as it is niche relevant, meaning, it should relate to what you are selling.

How much do videos cost?
Some videos are costly. But you can get a video done from anywhere between $50 to $1000 USD depending on production value. The lower end ones are cheaper for a reason as many use templates and generic tricks to make it happen. A decent quality video at an accessible price can be found at roughly $200-$500 USD. You could find cheaper ones too but the trick is to shop around and find a production company that fits your vision.
Bottom Line
Video Marketing is an exceptionally powerful tool in the hands of a smart entrepreneur and to not use it in this digital age is like throwing opportunity in the trash.